Thursday, October 10, 2013

Organic Braid

Introducing my very favorite braid... the ORGANIC BRAID.  Not only is it simple to do but it requires no hair elastic, which seems to be the one thing I am always lacking when I really really need my hair up and out of my face. 

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This past summer I went to Disneyland with five of my very best friends.  Luckily one of my friends, Calee, is a Disneyland expert.  And when I say expert, I mean expert.  She knows which rides to get the fast passes for.  Which rides to wait out the line in.  And before we got into the park she pretty much had our entire day mapped out including the best places to grab snacks along the way.  To say the least she was a very valuable asset.  But her obsession with Disneyland was not the only thing that benefited us, her passion for hair also came quite in handy.  

Cal is currently a student at Taylor Andrew's Academy of Hair Design and she is becoming one of the most fabulous hairdressers that Utah has to offer.  Seriously this girl has talent.  Not only have I been the recipient of several fabulous hair-coloring experiments and hair-cuts but I also get my hair styled on a fairly regular basis.  Just one of the perks of being BFF with an aspiring hair dresser.

These skills were especially perfect for the long lines of Disneyland.  Every line was a new hair-do as we very impatiently waited for some of the most popular rides.  And as you can guess my favorite that she taught me was the oh-so-lovely organic braid.  

So without further ado here are a few simple steps. 


This braid works best on messy hair.  Talk about a BONUS.  

1.  Spilt your hair into three sections and begin braiding like you would on a normal braid.  However don't separate the ends.  Let them get kinda tangled.  This takes practice so you may have to try it a couple times.   

2. After you have braided the desired amount flip your hair through the natural loop that appears.  This loop is created because of the knotted ends.  

3. After you loop it through, pull it tight.  And BOOM you have our organic braid.  Perfect for messy hair days or on-the-go-last-minute-hair-dos.  Aka everyday.   

For different braid lengths play with how tangled you let the bottoms get at the beginning.  For a shorter braid let it get tangled faster.  For a longer braid pull the pieces apart the first few times.

For more hair ideas and work done by the lovely Cal visit her blog:

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