We are the Menloves 

And here is our story

The first time Andrew caught my eye, he was spinning fire.

A huge group of our friends had been roasting marshmallows around his fire pit when it got brought up that Andrew could spin fire.  We immediately begged him to show us.  As I watched, completely mesmerized, my best friend leaned over and said, "Beth, you should totally go for him."

I came up with plenty of reasons not to "go" for him.  The main two being:
1.  He was my best friend's brother.
and not to mention...
2.  My mission call to Wellington, New Zealand. 

But despite my reasons, I, a little too eagerly, agreed to our first date.

Our first date was magic.
And our first kiss was even more magical.

And before I knew it I was no longer packing my bags for New Zealand because I had completely and totally fallen in love with Andrew Menlove.

On November 30th he proposed.  Spinning that fire that caught my eye six months before.

And on May 16th 2014 we were married for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake Temple.

Currently we are both full time students at the University of Utah.  We graduate Spring 2015 and we are SUPER excited about it.

When we are aren't doing homework we are...




Or planning our next adventure

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