Hi my name is Beth.  Short for Elisabeth with a "s."

I love eggos, mint oreos, french fries, maple bars, mac + cheese, and any other food your average four year old would request. 

I am the wife of the most wonderful human on the planet.
I will one day be the most wonderful cook on the planet but until then my husband is patient and willing to try all of my latest attempts.  

 Currently, I am full time student at the University of Utah.  I will be a Utah fan until the day I die.  

I am an aspiring Special Education teacher.  Those kids have and always will have a very special place in my heart.  I am currently doing my student teaching.  I get asked on almost a weekly basis if I am an eighth grader.... One day I'll maybe look like I am at least in eleventh grade. 

I am a hopeless romantic.  I wish I was a cowboy.  And I am obsessed with the details.  

I love fall more than any other season.  I love the pumpkins, the air, boots, the leaves, Halloween costumes, the smells, scarves, the fresh starts, football games, and candy corn.  

I am a movie fanatic.  My latest obsession on Netflix is "Lie to Me."  That could partially be because I am really good at predicting what is coming next and that makes me feel super smart.  

Camping makes me happy.  Jeeping makes me even happier.  Backpacking makes me super angry and then twice as happy so I figure it's all worth it in the end.  I delight in seeing places no one else ever has.  So traveling of any kind is totally my thing. 

Last but not least... I have the most amazing group of friends.  And an even more amazing family.  Spending time with them makes me the happiest lady in the world.  

And that's... e v e r y t h i n g Beth. 

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