Sunday, November 24, 2013

Rock Around the Clock

This weekend we got to shower one of my very best friends, Anna Winterton… soon to be Hansen.   

She is a stunner and I cannot wait to see how amazingly fabulous she will look on her wedding day.  Love love this lovely lady.  

We decided to throw Anna an "Around the Clock" shower and it turned out darling.  We began by assigning each girl that was invited a time.  Each girl was then supposed to buy a gift that coordinated with the time they were assigned.  Now let's by honest... not very many of us stuck to our times but assigning times definitely inspired some gift creativity and I loved hearing how each girl justified that their gift fit with their time.  

I was in charge of invitations, decorations, and the video.  One of my other very best friends, the lovely Taylor Watts, was in charge of party gifts and food.  The gifts were witty and the food was to DIE FOR.  Thank you Mama Watts.  Taylor also added a final touch that made the entire shower twenty times better… a board of awkward photos from Anna's awkward days.  Nothing but laughs and some much needed reminiscing on our Jr. High days.

The invitations… that I was far too proud of…     

Clocks on clocks on clocks

The most darling party gifts.

 My banner… another proud moment… 

A menu consisting of fresh fruit, HOMEMADE rolls, a fabulous gluten free salad, and brownies galore.  YUM YUM YUM

Our lovely party guests. 

21 fabulous girls who came to celebrate Anna Banana's decision to get married.  

And last but not least… my favorite shot of the night.  The hosts with the lovely soon-to-be bride.  We love you Anna Bear.



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