Friday, November 1, 2013

Spooky Sushi

This Halloween we decided to stay in and if I do say so myself, it was one of our better ideas.  We decided to make sushi, deep-fry every possible thing we could find in Spencer's house, and watch the ever famous… Hocus Pocus.  Best night ever.  

If you haven't made sushi I highly recommend you do.  Even if you don't enjoy sushi there is something so liberating about making a perfectly rolled roll that looks just like the sushi chefs' creations.  Although not everyone in the group had faith… (everyone ate before except me… such doubters)… it turned out fabulous and it was fairly easy.     

All you need is…
 >> white rice <<
>> a little bit of vinegar to make the white rice sticky<<
>>bamboo rollers<<
>>seaweed paper<<
(bamboo rollers and seaweed paper can be purchased at any Chinese market)
>>fish, vegetables, mayo, and lots of sriracha sauce<<

First cook the rice.  I recommend doing it in a rice cooker.  Then add just a little bit of vinegar.  Mix it in while the rice is still hot and make sure it covers most of the rice.  After the rice has cooled a bit pack down a thin layer of rice on your bamboo roller.  The rice should be about the size and shape of your seaweed paper.  Make sure it is a THIN layer.  Too thick and it will all fall apart.  If the rice is still really sticky, wet your hands with a little bit of water and continue packing.

Next place the seaweed sheet on top of your rice.  Then place your fish, vegetables, and whatever else you want in your roll near the edge of the seaweed paper.  You probably want to leave about an inch between the edge of the seaweed paper and where you place the filling.  Then roll.  Roll tightly.  After each roll carefully peel off the bamboo roller and continue until completely rolled. Top with a mixture of the mayo and sriracha sauce.  Then cut with a sharp, wet knife.

 photo pinit_zps033a0c9c.gif
The sushi was fabulous but the deep-frying was even better.  Deep fried bananas topped with ice cream and carmel,  deep fried oreos (they may sound gross but they are TO DIE FOR… I am now a firm believer in them and I am looking forward to Sporty's Sweets that will be selling them next summer), and ice cream.  Yes, deep fried ice cream.  Healthy?  No.  Delicious?  HECK YES.  

Fabulous food.  Fabulous people.  Best night ever.   

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